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Topone Grey Crown Black Brim Snapback Cap For Men

In Topone, our headwear has  been classified into three main types, which are woven hats, knit hats and straw hats. There are different hat styles under those three classifications such as knit hats could be classified into steep beanies and cuff beanies by shape, and for woven hats there is also a wide variety. Here we would like to share some so you could have a better understanding for our hats.

Below are the 5 main styles for woven hats.

1). Baseball Caps

If you have browsed our website pages you will find that baseball caps are the most popular ones in woven hats which could be customized in various ways. Take head size as example, they could be classified into three different styles which are for low crown, medium crown and high crown. Among those three, medium crown style is absolutely the “shining star”. It could be used on almost all the baseball caps such as dad hats, trucker hats, fashion hats, washed hats, golf hats and others. Low crown style is normally used indoor for women, and high crown style is seldom used for big heads or flat brim.
We did not classify the hats by numbers as Richardson, or by names like New Era. While overall classification way is almost the same. If classify by panel quantity and cap brim then hats would have below styles.

Among the above hats, dad hats have been recognized worldwide already. Around 10% Topone produced are for this style.

Different techniques could be used on hats and below are the commonly used ones.

2). Embroidered Hats

4). Caps With Printed Patches

5). Caps with Embroidered Patches

6). Caps with Rubber Mold Patches (PVC Patches)

7). Caps with Sonic Weld Logos

8). Caps with Liquid Metal Logo

9). Caps with Metal Badges

10). Caps with Rhinestones

11). Washed Caps


If classify by occasions hats would have below styles.

Some hats have been seldom used but we will also develop to make sure people could always get suitable hats in Topone. Honey hats is one of the styles which is developed for honey workers to protect themselves. A layer of net cloth (sometimes it is camouflage net cloth) would be added under the buckets to prevent bees from entering the face and stinging workers’ faces and other exposed body parts while collecting honey. With matched gloves, workers are able to get a full protection.

Nowadays we have developed two new styles as below to prevent people being infected by spit from new coronavirus.

Topone Accessories Spit Prevention Bucket in Camo Pattern with Clear PVC on the front

Spit Prevention Bucket

Topone Spit Prevention Baseball Cap in Navy with Clear PVC in front

Spit Prevention Baseball Cap

Farmer Hats are made with a much simple style. A longer cap peak with 2~4CM and light fabric could offer a good shading effect and absorb moisture and sweat well. Farm brand could be done with embroidery patches or others like rubber patches, metal pins, or printing patterns added on the hats to represent the logo and quality.
Tennis hats and runner hats are another style which are made mainly for tennis lovers. They are done with new function fabric with higher cost to get an excellent feature to absorb moisture and sweat.
Buff (Neck Gaiters) and Balaclava are the two styles which we have made a lot these days. Buff could be worn freely with over 20 wearing ways on head, neck, hands and any other places you want, which has been popular with young people. Buff has a minimum order quantity request as for each color it would need a mold, but we could try our best to help save the cost to let all the people could customize their own nice buff.
As an ecological environment protection advocate and supporter for loving animals, Topone just use environmentally friendly materials to produce hats. Not only for adults and children, but we also customize hats, protective equipment for animals such as dogs and cats. With more than 20 years’ experience with advanced equipment in this field, we have the opportunity to make hats with different techniques used on different occasions. Our aim is to make suitable and satisfied hats for people all over the world.
Your satisfactory, our pursuit!

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