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5 Panel Hats, Hipster Fashion!

5 panel hats are starting to take the world by storm as a popular fashion accessory, they are originally a typically men’s wear and were started as a Brooklyn-hipster-on-a-bicycle. It’s a specific style of fashion Baseball caps.

They are especially so for baseball fans, entertainers, music fans and celebrities in general. These days, they are also popular with women and no one can say no to a well-designed high-quality 5 panel hat. And TOPONE would be your choice to customize your own style. Try us!

5Panels Hat Customization

No matter for the 5 panels, top visor or under visor, sweatband, inner taping or closure, all the customization follow the same as BASEBALL CAPS.

Applications for all the above also follow the same as BASEBALL CAPS.

Topone Made Discrete 5Panels Hat with full printed pattern and woven label patch on the front

5Panels Hat We've Made

Topone Created Custom 5panels Hat with Full pattern printed and woven label patches on the front
Topone Created 5 Panels in Red with Silver Logo Printed and it's UPF50+
Topone Created 5 Panels Custom-Flat-Brim-Sublimation-Floral-Print-Classic-Camp-Hat
Topone-Manufactured-Wholesale-custom-5Panels-Hat with Sulimated pattern on the side panels

Actually camp hat is not the only 5 panel hat with crown being connected by 5 panels, and there are still many other types with the same 5 panels, but the said camp hat is the most popular one, which has been loved by a lot of people such as students, skaters, bushmen and others. Also it has been chosen by camping organizations, beer and beverage brands to promote their business so people call it to be “5panels hat”. It is also a big love of leisure brands and good fit for outdoor sports as well.

Below hats are the other types with crown being connected with 5 panels. These fashion hats are not camp hats any more, just 5 panels Baseball Caps. Please check with our sales if you want to order 5panels hat from Topone Accessories.

Topone Manufactured 5Panels Trucker Hat with Printed Logo on the front
Topone Created Custom 5Panels Hat with Flat Brim and printed logo on the front
Topone Accessories Made 5Panels Hat with 2 ears and shining fabric full crown
Topone Created Full Printed 5 Panels Hat Mesh Back Green Brim
Topone Created 5Panels Hat with Full Printed Front Charcoal Brim