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Beanies Price

The Knit Caps are one of the hottest hat styles in autumn and winter in recent years. At end of the year, it is always the peak period for knitted Caps. Our customers may doubt for the wide price difference, especially for styles of adults and kids. However, the actually price for knitted hats are more for the details such as material, technique, style, quantity and so on. Below are some of the details so you could know how it works.

Here are are the five factors affecting the price most.

  • Material
  • Accessories
  • Workmanship
  • Customized style
  • Quantity

Our Price won our customer’s confidence, as we are always offering good-quality products exceeding to their expectations. In other word, Never cheat, do better quality, respect customers, and for the sake of customers, this is our service concept that makes the success.

Topone Created Custom Beaines with many different colors

Beanies Classification

1). Caps Cuff
a. Steep Caps
b. Cuff Caps

2). The shapes
a. Domed knitted Caps
b. Pom Knitted Caps
c. Brim Knitted Caps
d. Earwrap Knitted Caps

3. The Material
a. 100% Cotton
b. 100% Wool
c. Polyester

d. Nylon
e. Acrylic (popular)
f. Polypropylene

g. Cashmere
h. Sheep Cashmere
i. Cashmere-like
j. Dehair Angora

Knitted Caps, all in TOPONE!

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