Topone Accessories Custom Belt Buckle in Gold Color


Well before rodeos as well as cowboys in old Western movies made popular belt buckles, Historic Roman soldiers and also Chinese nomad’s place this accessory to good use.

In another word, Belt buckles would be a practical item, utilized to fasten an extended tunic or to help to keep a soldier’s sword prepared, during other cases, an ornately furnished belt buckle was utilized like a display of wealth.

As time went by, now belt buckles have more regularly function as a fashion accessory for both women and men. They can be found in various metals, sizes, and kinds, and with several designs and adornments. Man need them to adorn a popular pair of jeans, and women can use a wide belt to go with a big sweater or a set of baggy jeans.

Belt buckles have become the fashion now!

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Top1 Belt Buckles Customization

Customization will be started from below 6 aspects.

• Size: It’s the first aspect. There is no standard for belt buckles size. However, we could customize any size just following customers’ requests

• Material: Only best quality material in the price range would be used. Zinc Alloy is the commonly used one, but if customers need to do with others like brass or silver, that would also be fine

.• Technique: We could do all kinds, and commonly used are with hard enamel, soft enamel, die struck, and printing.

• Color & Finish: Any color or finish as customer’s request could all be customized.

• Packing: Different packing could be used on belt buckles. No matter it is OPP bag, acrylic box, wooden box, velvet box or any others, all could be done here.

• Clasps: Besides the standard sizes that could be used, if customers want any other special designs, just feel free to send photos or reference samples and we will customize for you.

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