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Buff headwear can do almost anything. It has many names such as mask, scarf, multifunctional cloth, headscarf and Neckgaiters, thus versatile is the use and purpose of the small canvas.

Buff has grown steadily and is now the market leader in headwear. With excellent moisture management, antibacterial treatment and UV protection, buff boasts a wide selection of multi-use soft, comfortable tubular neck wear for a range of outdoor activities including riding, trail running, biking and hiking. And now it has been quite popular with teenagers and adults all over the world which has become fashion trends now.

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Customization will be started from below 5 aspects.

  • Style: Styles for buff are almost the same, and biggest difference is on pattern. Customers could choose any pattern they want.
  • Material: Mainly used material is functional fabric that could absorb moisture and sweat. But other materials like knitted fabric, wool, mess could also be used here which are all available.
  • Size: Adults and children have different sizes. Though they are normally fixed, customer could also customize any special size they need.
  • Color: All colors could be customized. Molds need to be opened by color due to special technique, which means that the more colors customers need, the more costs that would be charged.
  • Packing: There are too many options for packing. Customer could do with different labels or different hangtags, and no matter it is individual packing or loose packing, all could be customized.
Wholesale-Seamless-Multifunctional-Headband-3D-Face-Shield-Buff-Headwear-Neck Gaiters-Neckwear
Buff-Headwear-Wholesale-Seamless-Multifunctional-Head-3D-Face-Shield -Manufactured By Topone Accessories
Wholesale-Buff Headwear-Seamless-Multifunctional-Head-3D-Face-Shield
Promotional-Tube-Custom-Logo-Neckwear-Bandanas-Buffs-Headwear-Neckgaiters with Skull printed
Promotional-Tube-Custom-Logo-Neckwear-Bandanas-Buff-Headwear Turn into a wristband shape
High-Elastic-3D-Seamless-Bandana-Skull-Cycling-Buff-Headwear-Glow In Dark-Customized By Topone Accessories
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