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Premium High Quality Bullion Patches

Bullion Patches are quite traditional patched which is usually known as crests and are worn on a suit jacket. The jacket along with the crest serves a “members only” garment,it can help those who are not part of the team to define in special clubs and organizations. Now bullion patches become more modern and they could also be worn on hats. No matter where they are worn, they offer elegant and provide a sense of unique identity to the individual, it’s a sense of belonging to the team.

This kind of patches are handmade by technically brilliant craftsmen. They are made by golden silk and silver silk with inlaid felt and velvet. It can be placed on the jackets through different backings. The symbol of bullion patches is a seam, and it will offer to reflect for any design. Besides, due to the uniqueness of the material, these custom bullion patches have the appearance of three-dimensional. Meanwhile they provide symbol accessories for shirts and bags. In conclusion, the appearance of bullion patches is quite different from other common patches. If you want to customize with high quality look, then bullion patches should be your choice!

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Custom Bullion Patches Design Process

Free Design

Customers could offer your own designer mockup so we could follow directly to make sample or prioduction, but if you just have a manuscript or even just a rough idea, it would also be workable, you just need to tell us what you want and our professional designers could also help to make a designer mockup for your approval till you are satisfied.

Production Sample

If customer is ok to skip sample, we will just proceed with production directly. If customer need to check a production sample first, we will make one and send to customer for approval. No matter what we will always use good quality materials and follow exactly the same as approved designer mockup to get a best effect on physical sample.  


Production would be started once the designer mockup or sample has been approved. We will follow all the details and for each process an internal QC would be arranged to make sure everything is on the right track. A full inspection before shipping would be arranged to make sure all the products meet the quality standard. Your satisfactory is our pursuit!

How to Customize Bullion Patches?

Follow below 4 easy steps to start your customization for bullion patches.

We could do almost all kinds of fabric, but commonly used ones for bullion patches are still with felt, velvet, 75D velvet and plain cloth. If customers wanted to match with a much more high-grade effect on their patches, they could also choose to use any other kind of fabric as their request. 

Various backing options perfectly match with different kinds of materials. Normally a plain cotton would be added at the back of the bullion patch to cover the back threads details, and customers would rather like to add pins with butterfly clutches to get a better looking and effect.

Customer could freely customize with different shapes and edges to get amazing effects. Edge for bullion patches is relatively simple than others. Some customers would make with embroidery edge, but mainly used one is still with fabric border, which could be easily sewed on clothing or bags.
There are many upgrading options that could be added on your patches. Mainly used are with printing and embroidery. Customers could do with embossed or debossed effect on your leather patches, or even add some fancy stones, pearls or others to make them to be unique and special.

Bullion Patches We've Made

Here below are some reference samples. If you need more, please contact our sales by phone or send to our E-mail with address [email protected]