Customize your camp hats 101

How to customize your camp cap

This particular style has developed very quickly since it was discovered. The hat structure and rounded side sections perfectly suit the taste of young people and enthusiastic customers as it flatter to the head quite well. The Camper’s presence is an indication of young fashion, trendiness, skate culture and the pursuit for uniqueness. With the most strikingly colorful patterned fabric, it’s no wonder that more and more trendsetters (and street hipsters) are looking to adopt their own designs and combine them into a completely unique 5 Panels Camp Hat. And the question now is: where to start?

If you are planning to start your project with 5 Panels hat, you may have noticed that many street sports brands such as Supreme or traditional shopping sites such as ASOS are offering 5 Panels hats already, and you may have also found that although they offer a variety of different fabric or colors, there is no way to personalize or fully customize the styles. And also the prices are not cheap which are normally in the range between $30 to $60.

So is there any other way to customize your camp hat? Maybe you have found some second-line or third-line brands like Carhartt or Discrete Clothing also do their own five panels hat, and if you like their brands, then it is no problem. But if you want your own completely private customization, then how to do? Well, you can find ways on Youtube or website such as to learn how to make a 5 panels hat by yourself. The methods are mainly for small project, and you need to order a lot of thing which would take too much time and efficiency. Also maybe you could cut out a piece or two of the fabric from your clothes, and take the hat forehead from your old hats to joint your unique 5 Panels hat, but to make this, you have destroyed more than one old hat which costs too much.

So here comes the point. When you want to do something different on your hat, or if you need a logo that shows off your features, It’s not so easy. So this is not the easiest or most scientific way to make one for yourself (which is relatively acceptable) or your team for said hats by yourself, isn’t it?

No More Headache, Completely Customized

Most Camp Hats fans want to make their own completely private hats to be as fashionable as the big brands with no hassle and fair price. Our TOPONE offer a solution to the headache of private customization, and with reasonable prices, complete service not only for individuals, groups, and also store owners’ companies, people can customize simple, convenient and inexpensive styles with different colors and technique options.

The most revolutionary aspect of our customization service is that we can help you prepare fabric with customized patterns based on your designs. Your patterns could be transferred onto the fabric, cut to fit each panel’s shape, and finally CUT & SEW together (Now I know better than ever why they are called “CUT & SEW” SPORTS hats). Just like the famous brands, you can choose the type of fabric or mix and match multiple fabric types into the same hat. Or even choose to joint different fabric and patterns together to make a whole one, which is the common way for beautiful custom 5 panels hats. We offer two different printing methods with their own unique design benefits. The so-called completely customization is that you can make five panels hat with different patterns and fabric, and even the plastic buckle or the Velcro, you could do with your own color.

If you use screen printing method on your hat fabric, then you could disregard the fabric and its color. No matter it is ordinary cotton twill, polyester or blended fabric, no matter what kind of composition, we can do screen printing and transfer your pattern to the fabric to make it become your unique fabric which would be used for your camp hats.

But this way also has its limitation. The lines of the pattern should be relatively thick, and the lines on the underlying fabric for printing need to be relatively thin. Then the pattern can be well attached to the top of the fabric.

Screen printing itself has a lot of painting options, such as water paste, glue paste, denim paste, silicone and so on. Water paste printing matches the best, but do remember that the fabric itself is preferably light or even white, otherwise pattern will not be performed well on dark fabric, as colors would be absorbed. Ink printing can be done in a variety of different colors which would also suitable for dark fabric, but it is not so environmental and skin-friendly.

Screen printing can also be done in many styles. For example, we can transfer several times to make three-dimensional effect or do with different layers effect. Foam printing for three-dimensional effect is also OK, but it is not as good as the different layers effect.

Digitally printed fabric patterns use a special direct-to-garment printing method that requires a 65/35 poly/cotton twill base fabric. As a truly a deluxe fabric option, digital printing results in limitless colors and gradients that appear to have dyed the fabric fibers themselves, while the fabric texture remains exactly as it was before printing. This is the best printing method for floral, paisley or other intricate patterns.

If you want to do heat sublimation printing, then the fabric must be more polyester than cotton, preferably 100% POLYESTER fabric. Due to the ultra-high temperature, fabric like NYLON could be easily melted off. The most commonly used ones are polyester mesh, polyester twill or woven plaid and other moisture-wicking fabric. Heat sublimation can make very rich colors and patterns, no matter how complicated the patterns are. So except the only disadvantage for fabric, digital printing and heat sublimation is the best way for printing.

Come to TOPONE to customize your five panels hats and you will receive an absolute support. Our experience, our thorough insight into our customers’ pattern, and our understanding of brand expression will make customizing your 5 panels hats not a headache but an easy and enjoyable task.

At TOPONE, all you need to do is to tell us your ideas and send us your five panels hat design, or the pattern and logo you need. We can definitely create your unique, fashionable and high quality camp hats.

We are always  at your service!

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