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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the details for basic information of our company and frequently asked questions. If your questions remain unanswered, please feel free to contact us by calling (+86) 15915368865 or leaving messages through page “Contact Us”.


Top1 Accessories, with head office located in China, is committed to offer an one-stop service for people all over the world. No matter you are SHOPIFY, BIG COMMERCE, AMAZON shopkeepers, branded companies, or hipsters and celebrities, we could all help to make from concept to design , then to final finished products and deliver to your terminal customers.

We make manufacturing accessible to anyone. From the first sketch, then to standard color drawing, or from the first developing sample, then to final production and selling, we shared all the details with customers so they could know all aspects for customization.

Topone is committed to creating a platform with extremely simple customization so that everyone could easily handle it. No matter you are an individual, a corporate group, an organization or a factory, you could all find suitable styles here and do your own customization with no limitation to time and quantity, which could help reduce the inventory, and speed up the turnover of goods and funds.

A live chat, a phone calling or an e-mail by contacting Jason ([email protected]) or Sophia ([email protected]) are all welcome. Registered in Hongkong, our office located in Shenzhen with factory in Dongguan, which could help provide the best service for you.



Add: Room 1506. 15/F, Loon Kee Building

No. 267-275 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong


Add: 1/F, Cuidu Garden, CuiZhu Road, 
LuoHu District, Shenzhen, China

Phone: (+86) 15915368865
Phone: (+86) 13342984923


Add: Kongwu Village, Gujia management District,

Shipai Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China


  1. Embroidery Digitizing/Punching Service

Embroidery is the mainly used decoration in modern textiles. An embroidery disk would help the machine to produce the pattern. The compilation process is the digitizing which could be well provided by us.

2. Redrawing Service

A logo redrawing is well used on embroidery and printing. You could place a product order including the said service, and also you could just customize the service.

3. Embroidery & Printing Service

Our embroidery and printing machines provide a service order for embroidery and printing. You could order to use them on your own products.  

If you need more details, go to page “Contact Us” to leave a message and we will reply you soon.

The service charges depend on the ordered styles which could not be unified. Below is a basic quote for reference.

  1. Digitizing

Small orders (18~24 hours):

USD$3.5/1000 stitches

Big orders (18~24 hours):

USD$2.00/1000Stitches (Up to 1000 Logos Per Month)

USD$2.50/1000stitches (Up to 500 Logos Per Month)

USD$3.00/1000Stitches (Up to 100 Logos Per Month)

  1. Redrawing

Simple Logo like words: US$15.00/EA

Intricate patterns for front panel of hats: US$40.00/EA

Intricate patterns for back of shirts: US$40.00/EA

Designer mock for hats and clothes: US$50/EA (refundable once the order has been placed)

Send a mail to Jason( E-mail: [email protected]) to confirm the prices if you need said service.

  1. Embroidery & Printing

Need to check the design and then quote. Send mail to Jason (E-mail: [email protected]) if you need.

Telegraphic transfer is always our priority, but for small order amount Paypal is also accepted.

There are two ways for ordering. One is ordering by mail, the other one is ordering in our platform. For any order issues, you could always check with us on-line or sending mails.

Our after-sales service is good for its quality and speed.

For Digitizing, if the modified area is less than 40%, we will modify for free, and if the modified area is over than 40%, we will just charge by stitches.

For designer mockup, if design has been totally modified, we will recharge. If design has just been slightly modified which takes less than 50 minutes, we will modify for free. If it is our fault to make the wrong design, sure we will modify for free.

For embroidery and printing, if it is our mistake we will modify for free, but if it is your request, then we will need to recharge.


There are two ways for ordering as below.

  1. Order by mail: If you need to confirm details before ordering and would like a communication way by mail, then you could choose ordering by mail sending to our company email address [email protected]
  2. Order from platform: if you prefer to order on-line then order from our platform would be much convenient for you.

There are three payment ways that has been commonly used as below.

  1. Payment On-line: If you order from our platform, then you could pay directly on-line. A payment via credit card is accepted.
  2. Telegraphic Transfer: If order by mail then telegraphic transfer would be recommended. Once you placed the order, we will send banks details so you could arrange.
  3. West Union: It would be charged with a higher fee, but if it is much convenient for you it is also accepted.

1. For most of the orders a physical sample would be offered for free, but you have to afford the delivery charge. Check with us in advance if a free physical sample could be offered for your order.

2. If you did not need a physical sample to save time and just need high res photos for sample, we will send to you.

3. You could specify any available courier for your samples.

4. Sample lead time is around 3~10 days depending on different styles.

5. Sample would be followed exactly as the designer mockup. In case there is a technique limitation, we will advise and confirm in advance.

6. For our mistake making wrong sample, we will remake for free; for your request to change design, we will recharge for sample. If mold has been changed, then we will recharge for extra revised mold.


  1. Production would be proceeded when sample has been approved. For any changes before production, if no need to change mold and design is the same, we could change for free, but if need to change the mold or design, then we will recharge. For any changes after production, there would have extra charges caused.
  2. Production lead time is around 30~35 days depending on different styles once sample has been approved. For more delivery date details, please contact us.
  3. If you have any accessories or packing materials offered by your side that need to be used on your orders, contact us to get a shipping deadline. We will not be responsible for any delay caused by late accessories or materials.
  4. For any discrepancies between production and approval samples, if it is our mistake, we will take the responsibility, but if it your request, then you have to take the responsibility by yourself.  
  5. Payment term: 50% deposit once order placed, and balance 50% before shipment. For small amount you would better to arrange a full payment to save bank charges.
  1. A delivery date would be confirmed once the order has been placed. We will follow this date to ship on time.
  2. If you need to track your order situation or check for other details, you could freely contact with us via email or live chat.

Our order is for free delivery, but not including delivery on weekends service as it would have a surcharge from courier, also the service is not available for all the locations. If you need said service, please contact with us in advance.

  1. If it is our responsibility, we will afford for the return or exchange of the products.
  2. If it your reasons that want to return or exchange, then you have to afford for the extra charges, but we will take the orders as priority and ship ASAP.
  1. tracking details would be offered at the first time once the order has been shipped so you could track you details all the time.
  2. Our cooperated couriers including FedEx, DHL, UPS could provide a much safe and reliable transportation.


  1. Product name or purpose: Get an exact name or purpose for your product. If not, prepare a reference sample or picture.
  2. Material: You need to know which material that could be used on your order.
  3. Size: Offer as detailed sizes for all the parts as you can.
  4. Color: Pantone color or reference color sample are both workable.
  5. Designer Mockup: A full detailed designer mockup would be the most convenient way for customization.
  1. If designer mockup has been made but production has not yet started, then we will charge for the designer mockup fee.
  2. If production has been made, then we will charge for the finished products.