33 Kinds of Hats

33 Full kinds of hats from Topone Accessories

Everybody knows hats, but seldom knows all the styles. Here is an introduction for the commonly used hat styles, total 33 designs. We marked each with stars logo at the end. The more stars there are, the less people would know about the style.

【1】Beret Cap★

Beret cap is one kind of military cap which is flat, flexible and rimless. It is easy to fold and carry with nice looking. Many people would mix the beret cap with painter cap.

Beret caps are the traditional caps for Old Basque, and now they have been taken as the part of the uniform suits for military, police force and other related organizations around the world. Beret caps are made of wool materials decorated with cloth or metal cap badge. Now, beret caps have come to the fashion shows with a strong enthusiasm among the young generation.

Topone Beret Hats Show
Topone Accessories Hats Categories-Beret Hats For Women

【2】Painter Cap★★★★★

Many people thought painter cap and beret cap are the same. Actually painter cap is the kind that are popular among painters especially for Japanese cartoonist. It is soft as beret cap, with a small decoration at the top of the cap. This kind of cap looks artistic, lovely and gentle.

33 full categories-Painter Hats-Can be Manufactured by Topone Accessories
33 full lines of Headwear-Painter Hats-From Topone Accessories Limited-Show

Baseball is the special equipment for baseball players. It is made of visor and top which has been simply designed with a lot of function like shading, warming, and modeling. Normally the visor of the baseball cap is bent inward, so it has also been called curved baseball cap.

33 kinds of headwear categories-The popular common hats-Baseball Caps

 Snapback cap is one branch of baseball cap. It shows a strong street culture and is popular among the hip-hop artists. The brim is normally made in flat with fashion design under the visor. Those designs are full of strong personal and street style, and such Snapback cap is also called to be flat baseball cap.  

33 Full categories of headwear from Topone Accessories-Flat Brim-Snapback Caps
Woman Wear Topone Accessories Flat Brim Snapback caps

Truck cap is one kind of baseball cap. It sometimes has been called as gimme cap as it was originally used to promote the products to farmers and truck drivers. Mesh has been used on the hat to make it breathable under the hot weather, so some people also call it as mesh cap.

Topone Custom Trucker Hat-Mesh Back-Manufactured in China
Woman & Man Style Mesh Back Caps called Trucker Hats by Topone Accessories

Camp cap is also called as 5-Panel cap, two panels at the top, and balance 3 panels in the left, right and front. It could be made with different materials to make a hard or soft effect.

Camp Caps also Called 5 panels caps, Manufactured by Topone Accessories Limited, Fashion & Popular
Woman Wear Topone Accessories 5 panels fashion caps man pick popular camp caps

The top of the hat is hollow so it has been called to be hollow hat. Also people call it as sun visor which could give protection against the sun.  

Sun Visors Made in China Manufactured By Topone Accessories can be used all different fabric and do as many as possible on the style
Woman Wear Topone Accessories Sun Visor Hats in Yellow Color

Military hat is evolved from the Germany military cap, which is also called to be field hat. Sometimes the small parts on left and right could be put down, which are made with soft fabric before, and now there are also many other fabrics that could be chosen.

Different New Material for our Custom Military Hats
Topone Fashion Military Hats Weared by Famous Movie Stars

Some people even fashion editors would easily confuse said peak cap with baseball cap. Peak cap is flat with a visor which has been connected together with the cap top, so it has been called peak cap. It is been used for hunting at the very beginning.

 Newsboy cap is used for the boys who deliver newspaper which could be commonly seen in the last century. It shows a neutral and nifty feeling which fits well for the boys. Newsboy is made up of visor and top, and normally the top would be made with soft materials with several petals.  

Newsboy Hats, Gatsby Hats, Fashion Hats, Manufactured By Topone, Made in China, Customized
Fashion Hats Customized By Women from All over the different y Topone Weared by women from all over the industries


It is a hat with brims in the front and back with a headband at the top for eye protection. The traditional deerstalker is usually made of English tweed. As the name implies, it is a hat for hunting. Sherlock Holmes likes this kind of hat best.

Sherlock Holmes' favorite Fashion Hats can be customized for all diferent fabric and colors
Fashion Hats with Ear Flap can be customized the colors and fabric, made in china, manufactured by Topone Accessories

Fishermen hat has a narrow and small edge, which could cover very deep. It is also called as buckets hat and is suitable for both men and women. There is a trapezoidal edge for sun protection and outside circle is with soft wire so people could easily fold into a small bag.

Black Stussy Bucket Hats Called Fisherman Hats as well Can be customized by colros & materials & logo applications tech
Women Movie Stars, Students wear Grey Dark Navy Color Buckets hats customized & Manufactured by Topone Accessories

【13】Cloche Hat★★

Cloche is a kind of lady’s hat with bell-shaped. It has been quite popular in the United Stated from 1920s to 1933. Invented by French designer Caroline Reboux in 1908, the name comes from the French word “Cloche”, which means “Bell”. It is normally made with tweed which is stiff.

Bell Shaped Hats Made in Wool and can be customized with all different wool fabric, Black color or any other colors can be made, Movie star loved.

【14】Top Hat★★

Top hat has been used as standard daily hat for European and American upper class men and politicians in the last 20th century. And now it just been used on formal occasions which matched with morning dress or tuxedo. Also it has been used as props by magicians or entertainers.

Top Hat also call Magic Hat or Federo Hat usually weared by Woman or Magician or Politician, Topone Can customize this caps with different colors and material and size


Bowler is a kind of felt hat which is also called as Derby Hat, the top of the hat is rounded which is slightly rolled up. It has been invented by Englishman James Kirk in 1850. At first the design is for head protection by using hard materials, but in in the late 19th century it become quite popular. The main reason is that this kind of round hard hat is similar to the silk hat for upper class people, but the price is not so high. Also the felt material is easy to clean so it has been popular among the middle and bottom class.

Black Bowler Hats on sale just for SHOW
Bowler Hats worn by Humphrey Bogart & Woman

【16】Gentleman Cap★★★★★★★★

Gentleman cap, just as its name implies, it is for gentlemen. The earliest origin of the gentleman cap is from Britain, and style is also very simple which is not good-looking then. But after after long time’s precipitation and people’s improvement, now there are varieties of style like Trilby (as shown on below picture), Fedora and others, and also they are more fashionable now.

Humphrey Bogart & Michael Jackson Wear Fedora Hats, Make this hat popular
The women worn Topone Fedora hats in Black Color

【17】Homburg Hat★★★★★★★★

Homburg Hat is very similar to gentleman cap. The difference is that homburg hat is with harder texture against deformation, and the brim is up which makes the hat more high-grade.

《Godfather》Homburg Hats
winston churchill's Homburg Hats


Trilby is the branch for gentleman cap. It has a short and narrow brim, with two recessed parts in front for easy hand holding. The back flip shows a nifty and lively looking.

Trilby is affectionately called as Jazz cap as blue jazz singers like it very much. In the 60s “Swinging London” period it has become the best seller hat style.   

Custom Trilby Hats in Black/Brown.Grey..all colors full colors
Women Worn Trilby Hats Made in China and Manufactured by Topone Accessories

【19】Porkpie Hat★★★★★★★★

Porkpie hat is named due to its shape in English. It is like porkpie and also it is called as PP hat. It is invented in 1830, and the brim is slightly curled with flat top inward sunken. To the 1960s, Jamaica brought a “rudeboy” wind, and the most fashionable hat is porkpie hat. Since then there are two kinds for PP hat, one is English PP hat, and the other one is Jamaica PP hat.

Custom Pork_pie_hat
Womem Worn Our Custom Pork Pie Hats in all kinds of colors


Boater is made with hard sennit which has been invented by French in the 19th century in Seine River. At that time people dressed in naval crew-like clothes, wearing a flat topped and brimmed rounded hat decorated with color ribbons. People who advocated boating activities claimed themselves to be the originator of this hat, and the hat has been quickly renamed to be “boatman cap”.

Topone sennit straw Boater Hats
Woman worn Topone sennit straw Boater Hats

【21】Panama hat★★★★★★★★

Panama hat, born in Ecuador, is a hat used in summer. It has been woven by local Panama grass. The more dense the hat is, then more higher price it could be sold. Now it has belonged to the intangible cultural heritage. Panama is more than just one type, which could be wide brim hat, flat top hat and others. (Topone did not make this kind of hat).

Woman Worn Custom Panama Hats

【22】Wide-brimmed Hat

Wide-brimmed hat is also called as beach cap or sunhat. The significant characteristics of the hat is for its big brim, which could play a very good effect of shade. In recent years, designers has put more fashion elements into the wide-brimmed hat, such as the current popular lace, fringe, rivets and other personalized elements. Generally speaking, this hat is more ladylike some.

Big Brim Hats
Woman Worn Big Brim Hats

【23】Picture Hat

Picture hat is quite popular in last 10th century. Now it is rarely seen and just appear in the celebrity party for those European high society. The hat is always decorated with lots of feathers, flowers, stones or lace, which is the upgraded version of wide-brimmed hat but it shows a more exaggerating looking (Topone did not make this kind of hat) .

Picture hat
Woman in the car worn picture hats

【24】Cartwheel hat

Cartwheel hat is always with wide-brimmed round or saucer shape. It could be made with variety of materials, including straw and felt. The hat crown is very low that head could not afford to put in. It is similar to the fancy wide-brimmed hat which has been worn at an angle, rather than being worn in the middle of the head as it would look like a halo(Topone did not make this kind of hat) .

Cartwheel hat
Cartwheel hat for Dinner

【25】Pamela Hat

Pamela Hat is named after the heroine of the same name as Samuel Richardson’s novel published in 1741. It is a straw hat with a hair band and flowers decorating around, with a soft top that wraps around the head from the back, exposing the forehead, and tied from the chin with a hair band around the brim. It shows a gentle feminine feeling(Topone did not make this kind of hat) .

Pamela hat-Topone Accessories
Custom Pamela hat

【26】Doll hat

Doll hat is a hat being scaled down to be worn by the doll. It could be any design and normally be worn on the front of the head. Hats are tightened with an elastic band which belong to decorative hats (Topone did not make this kind of hat) .

Doll hat

【27】Cowboy Hat

Cowboy Hat is originated from Mexican cowboys. It is normally made of fur with wearable texture, wide brim and high top, slightly heavier than than other hats, windproof and sand-proof. The hat is stiff with both sides of the brim upward rolled, with a circle of decoration in the connection part of hat wall and brim which shows a strong style of clothing.

Cowboy hat
Cowboy hat Worn - Western Girls

【28】Half Hat

Half Hat, as the name implies, is the hat that could cover half of the head. It could be fixed on the head like a hair band clip which matched wedding dress now.

Half hat by Famous Woman
Half hat for Wedding

【29】Sailor hat ★

Sailor hat’s brims are all turning up, and the top of the hat is generally with the same level as the brims. Sailor hats shows a quite lovely feeling.

Sailor Hats
Custom Woman Sailor Hats

Knit cap refers to those ones that are made with wool knitting. They did not have any specific characteristics, normally with tube shape, no edge and the top drooping naturally. When wearing it wrapped tightly around the head, which is with good ductility, foldable, and easy to carry.

Custom Knit Beanies-Full Colors
Acrylic-Polyester-Cotton-Wool Woman Knit Beanies

Turban is a kind of hat that wrapped by silk scarves or headscarves. There are variety of colors and patterns which show religious and ethnic sense. Of course, if you changed the way, it could become hats that show celebrities and noble sense.

Turban Hats
Buff-Neck Gaitar
Woman Royal Turban

Ushanka, which is also called as bomber hat, is a cotton cap in old winter uniform of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, which is famous in China because hero Lei Feng. It originated from the soviet Union’s winter cap “ушанка”, which means “cap with ear protection”. This kind of cap has been used as winder cap in the Soviet Union and related socialist countries. And in China it has been used till now.

Winter Hats-Bomber Hats
Woman Worn Winter Hats, Fur Hats, Bomber Hats

【33】Pillbox hat

Pillbox hat is military headdress historically. In the later Roman Empire, it is called as “pilleus pannonius” or “pannonius cap”, similar to the modern cap headdress, was worn by Roman soldiers (Topone did not make this kind of hat) .

Women Pillbox Hats
Monther-Lady-Waitress Worn Women Pillbox Hats

The above are for almost all kinds of hats. Although TOPONE did not make all of them, we will help our customers customize various types of hats as much as possible. Customer care is always our top priority!

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