How to Customize a Hat?

How to customize a specific cap?
Due to the advanced technology, customizing your own hat is no longer a difficult thing. But if you have no experience, you may get no idea how to start. If so, we would like to share some tips on how to customize a hat today.


How much would you plan to spend on your customization? Before you are going to make a hat, do make sure you have a reasonable budget on it. What kind of material you could use, how many quantities you could order, and where to produce, all of which would be affected by your budget. If you have no idea, then please compare from different brands to get a price range first.


Delivery date is very important. Do not wait till last minute to start your customization. Factories do need certain time to produce an order even it is just a half-customized style, and sometimes it may need longer if any unexpected issues occurred. If you have an event date to catch but order quantity is not big, then you need to carefully choose a factory. Big companies may have better quality but normally they will not spend too much time on small orders as they always have priorities on other big orders. You need to find suitable factories for each of your order, if so, get enough spare factories in case any urgent need.

A clear understanding for hat classification would help you decide which style you need to customize. Different companies would have different classifications, but hot-selling basic styles would be almost the same as below.

Surely besides those there are still other hat styles such as hats for pets or for policeman. Even you want to do with unique hat styles based on above styles, no matter it is jester hat, barber hat or hat for sanitation workers, all would be workable. Just make sure you have a basic concept what you want to do.

Commonly used fabrics for hat and accessories are cotton twill 108*56,heavy cotton twill 74*44, brushed cotton twill 108*56 and heavy brushed cotton twill 74*44. If you just have the fabric but did not know the name, it would be better to send a reference sample to supplier so they could get the right material for your order. If you have big quantities, then you could ask factory to provide a fabric swatches chart so you could choose directly from the chart. Factories may update some newly fabric time to time, and it would also be a good way for you to have the chance trying some new materials. But remember, newly developed materials would normally cost more, so take care of your budget and do not let it go over. For more fabric options, check the “Material-Fabric Options” area from our BASEBALL CAPS page.

You could customize any color for each panel, but normally suppliers would not be willing to make too many colors as it would be a big waste for fabric. Moreover, a much longer production time would be needed, and you have to pay more. Factory prefer to make with a max two colors for a hat. And the big quantities you ordered, the more cost-effective it would be. Customization for different styles would almost be the same and here we will take six panels baseball as an example.

Front View

Back View

Inner View

A total for twelves areas could be customized from the above picture. Except for area #1 and area#10, all the other areas could be done with different colors. Area#1 is for button which is normally done with self-fabric from cap body, but surely you could choose other style of fabric or color, but it may cost more. Area #10 is for backing, which is normally done with only white and black. White color is for light collection and black for dark collection.
Make sure the hat size has been clearly mentioned when placing the order. Different people would need different sizes. Hat sizes are roughly divided into infant, kids, youth(lady), adult, and below is our size reference.

There are different applications for logo, such as embroidery, printing, woven label, foiling, leather label, metal lapel pin, laser, sublimation and many others. Some applications may be limited by technique, such as sublimation could just been done on polyester due to the heat, so if you are not familiar to this, ask for factory’s recommendation first. You could also check the “technique” area from our BASEBALL CAPS page.

A nice customization experience should end with a nice pack for high quality products when opening the box for shipment. Then accessories for hats should be quite important. A standard accessory pack should include 1) wash care label with details for components, origin, brand and attention; 2) Brand details clearly shown on sweater band or woven label; 3) A hangtag with details for logo, slogan, or UPC; 4) Sticker shown on front panel or body. In our TOPONE, we have the ability to handle all those accessories and what you need is just sending a mail to request.

Designer Mockup

Only if you are clear for all the above details could you get a final designer mockup for your products. If you have a template then you just need to change the details for fabric, color or logo treatment. Different hats may have slightly difference on customization, such as for baseball you could also customize back closure instead of simple self-fabric with Velcro. For more details, you could check the “ Style” area from our BASEBALL CAPS page.


Order Form (Contract)

Draw up a contract once the price has been confirmed and designer mockup has been finished. Pay attention to include as more details as you could to protect both parties, such as order No, order placing date, delivery date, shipping term, shipping address, hat specification ( size, material, technique and others), terms binding the rights and obligations of both parties, and also related law if need.


Once order has been placed, do get a physical sample or sample picture from factories in advance, especially for the first order, to make sure all the details are correct. Sample charges or delivery charges should better to be mentioned in the contract also.

Bulk Production

Once sample has been approved, you could ask factory to proceed with production and ship the order on time according to the contract. If sample are not made as per request, ask factory to remake till it is finally approved, but at the same time you should consider the delivery date and find a balance. As once sample has been approved it would be quite hard to revise unless you paid more. Check all the details carefully including the body, accessories, color, and others. A good communication would help get satisfactory products.


Shipment is much easier. If order is small with light weight, then choose courier like FedEx/UPS/DHL as they are fast. If order is big with heavy weight, then you could consider shipping agent via air or Sea. Do make sure the carton packing is good enough to stand the re handling during the transportation.

Once received the goods, better to send a mail to suppliers to confirm a receipt and share your feedback, which would help to build a good relationship with them.

As a customization platform, TOPONE is always trying our best to provide service exceeding our customer’s expectations, and we hope we could get praised from all of the customers. Looking forward to starting a business dealing with you!

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