How to Customize Your Products?

When you want to customize a product, do you know how and where to customize? If you have cooperated suppliers that would be fine, but if you did not have one, then how to find a suitable supplier? Today we would like to share some experience. 

Before customizing, get as more details as you can for your products, which may include the material, technique, color and other details. The more you get, the easier you will customize. And after that you could start from below aspects.

Suppliers (Factories)

It is quite important to find a good supplier to customize your products. Easiest way is searching the keyword in google or yahoo, and you will find a lot of options. The top-rated companies may catch your eyes, but you have to be quite clear if the companies are rating ahead for their quality or for their advertisement. If they advertise to be ahead, then you have to take care and make sure they have good quality and service at the same time.

Then how to tell? If you have friends making the same products, he or she could recommend the supplier to you, but if not, then you should tell by yourself.

Generally speaking, you should know that good quality and on-time delivery are the two main factors to judge a supplier, which means that factory could understand what you want, and also it has a normal operation to avoid any delay or even cheating.

First you could choose a country. The market has been globalized already, and you are able to compare prices from different countries. Besides the attractive prices you should also consider the quality. China is one of the countries that I want to introduce as it has its own advantage as the biggest manufacturing country in the world. We know that India has its’ advantage in language, Bangladesh has no export restrictions, but China could offer a complete supply chain for products with its super China speed and good quality.

Second you need to choose a supplier to ensure the safety of your property, which means you need to find a legal company with smooth running.

Companies with poor experience in export trading, even they could finish the order, they may probably not know how to ship the order efficiently, and if companies did not have good communication skills, they may not be able to get exactly what customers want.

In my opinion, a good company should have below abilities.

  1. Rich experience in the industry and quite familiar with all the procedure of the export trading.
  2. Better located in south of China especially in Guangdong Province. Education here is relatively higher and communication skills are much stronger.
  3. Able to afford a lower minimum order quantity to reduce order risk.
  4. Has a clear sample lead time and production lead time.


Once the factory has been confirmed, then you may need to offer a designer mockup so factory could follow accordingly. If you could offer the designer mockup by yourself that would be great, but if not, then you have to ensure the factory has the ability. This is to say indirectly how important the communication skills and experience are. Factory is the one creating the design, so it knows the mockup the best. If you are satisfied with the mockup, then you will be satisfied with the final look of your product.


As mentioned above, communication is quite important. Best communication way is always via email, which could save the documents well and is easy to track in any time. To get a promote reply via on-line chat tool is also ok but it would be better to send emails later to make it much formal. 


Not all the companies could accept payments via Paypal, Stripe or Payoneer, but wire transfer is absolutely a doable payment way. If you need to choose, then wire transfer should always be your first choice. Banks have a safe banking mechanism that could protect your money well. Remember, even you could pay small amount mold charge or sample charge via on-line payment, you’d better choose transfer for big amount.


Do request a sample for newly cooperated companies. If order amount is not big, or you are in urgent need of your order, you could ask factory to send you high res photos, then you could check details before production. If you have time, then request to get physical sample to approve to reduce the risk maximum. 


If sample has been approved already, then you do not need to worry too much for the production. But to make it safer, you could ask factory sending production photos to make sure production followed the same as the sample. If any problem, you may still have the chance to revise or change during production. Once the order has been finished, you could find a shipping agent or courier, or ask factory to handle the shipping. In my experience, factory could always do better. They could get special discount and it is cost-effective. Once received the order you’d better confirm a receipt so factory could know at the first time that order has been finished.


 Last is the contract. All the above details should be outlined in your terms of contract, which include 1) product details; 2) sample lead time and bulk lead time; 3) shipping term: ex Works, FOB or others; 4) Shipping way: By air, by sea or others; 5) Payment term: Wire transfer or on-line payment; 6) Rights and obligations of buyers and sellers; 7) Liability for breach of contract; 8) Dispute deal. You could adjust according to actual situation. Do make sure both sides are aware and agreed with the contract.

In summary, customization is not difficult. As a customization platform, Topone could provide a best solution for those private brand owners, Amazon or Shopify sellers with lower quantity and fast delivery. Our factory located in Dongguan city, and with advanced facilities and wonderful workers, we have taken the honor to serve customers all over the world and built up a fine reputation. If you want to have a try, then why not us?south


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