How to Make Custom Hats with Patches

Custom Stiff Backing Baseball Caps Colourful Colors Cheap Price Made By Topone Accessories

In Topone, it is easy and quick to customize your hat. And the most exciting thing should be that your creativity could completely unleashed here. With our endless customization options, you can create any style beyond your imagination.

To make hats in Topone means that:

  1. There are 24 kinds of basic fabrics and endless selection of other fabrics.
  2. Several hat panel for choosing
  3. Dozens of styles for buckles
  4. Any pantone color
  5. Hundreds of fabrics in stock

There is a wide selection of hat shapes from regular baseball caps to beret caps, including other professional hats such as police caps, honey-picker caps, and fishermen caps.  

It also means that there are lots of options that we can make.

No matter what kind of hats you want, our team would work with you to make your ideas being made in perfect artwork.

Yes we are making the same thing everyday. We love and enjoy this pleasant feeling.

Working the Hat-with-Patch style

Hats made with patches are our strength. We could do varieties of patches for hat. Frankly speaking, it is not easy. Customized options are too many that our competitors are always take them as a challenge to handle. But the process is quite charming that once the hats have been made, everything is worthwhile.  

So how do we customize this caps with patches? And what are the processes? Now I will take you on the journey to know how it works and how to make sure your hats could be delivered correctly and timely.

Step#1, Great Idea

It all starts with an idea. Whenever it is a sudden whim, an inspiration by the accessories on a cloth, a shared picture on your moments, a sketch showing your thoughts, or even a hearsay experience and then you have the idea to make a hat with patch.

Our suggestion is that you could check through our customized options, or upload related file on the website, then your customization would be started. You could order directly on-line, and also you could contact our sales through E-mail or phone, both are available way to customize a product.  

Step#2, Get your Perfect Custom Hat manufactured

Producing your Perfect Custom Hat
Topone Producing your Perfect Custom Hat
Topone Producing your Perfect Custom Hat by Topone Accessories

For caps, you could choose baseball caps, camp caps, fishermen caps and others; and for patches they could be made with embroidery, leather, printing, rubber, woven fabric, chenille, bullion, metal and others. We could customize more then you could imagine.

Once we selected the styles and patches, we will begin the production. Our focus is to maximize the efficiency of supply chain and manufacturing so we could deliver the best products in shortest period of time.

We will optimize the customization according to customer’s brand or logo and suggest the same to customers. After getting confirmation we will make sample, take photo or send samples to customers for approval before production.

A setup fee is needed for all the patches. So make sure the designer mockup has been checked carefully before approval. Embroidery Outline or Raised Woven Border could be changed sometimes for free, while for most of the patches, changes mean extra charges.

Photo sample or actual sample approval process is also very important. As once it has been approved, then any change in production would also need extra charges.  

Last is the production. We will make all details according to approved samples with quality and efficiency.

Step#3, Get your custom hats shipped.

Strict QC would be arranged once production have been finished. We will pack according to your request on the order. If the packing materials are also been customized, they would also been checked carefully before using.

A on-time-delivery is always our pursuit as we want to make “ the last mile to be also a surprise”.

Perfect caps are made from perfect company, and we want be the one. Design, quality, fast and free delivery, and that is what we have offered and hope you could be enjoyed. Topone is always your unique team!

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