Medals are certificates for winners of various competitions and they are usually made of metal to make sure it has weight as a high quality.

For TOPONE, we could simply say that medals are just bigger size coins with hanging. You could also customize with different materials, colors, techniques and packing ways.


Medals are commonly used for winners of sports, school and military competitions, also they have been taken as rewards for the contributors as an identification.

Customization is almost the same as Challenge Coins. Only difference is that medals are always done with bigger size in a hanging way. There are many options for the hanging. Customer could use ribbons with printing (silk printing or thermal dye sublimation), or short ribbon with pin styles as below image shown, or even a ball chain, nice rope or leather. For any demand, please feel free to contact us.

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No need to hesitate and just start to customize your own style of medals to be special and unique!

Type of Premium Medals

There are mainly for below types of premium medals just like Coins types.

Printed Design


Hard Enamel

Soft Enamel

Fabrication Options

The fabrication you select determines how design elements are applied to the product, and Topone can help you decide what’s best for your design.

Antique Bronze

Antique Bronze

Antique Copper

Antique Copper

Antique Gold

Antique Gold

Antique Silver

Antique Silver

Black Nickel

Black Nickel

Brass (Fake Gold)

Brass (Fake Gold)

Brass Brush without plating

Brass Brush without plating



Dyeing Black

Dyeing Black

Foggy Painting

Foggy Painting







Satin Gold

Satin Gold

Satin Nickel



Background Texture (Granulated Texture)Antique Silver

Background Texture (Granulated Texture)Antique Silver

Need any special options?

3D Mold

Back Stamp

Color Printing

Custom Engraving

Epoxy Coating

Glow In The Dark


Stained Glass


Two Colors Metal

Speical Making Ways for Medals

Below are some of the special ways for medals as a reference. If you have any ideas, you could share them with us and we will help to make them to final products.

Hanging with Rope

Spinning Center

With Crystals

With Acrylic


There is almost no limitation for medals. Below are some references for different uses.

Bottle Opener Medals

Cycling Medals

Fascinate Medals

Football Medals

Jitsu Medals

Karate Medals

Marathon Medals

Military Medals

Arnold Medals

Taekwondo Medals

Triathlon Medals

Weightlifting Medals


Packing way for medals are similar as coins with details as below.


Bubble Bag

Backer Card

Acrylic Box

Wooden Box

Plastic Box

Paper Box

Velvet Box

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Medals We'd Made

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