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Top1 Accessories, with head office located in China, is committed to offer an one-stop service for people all over the world. No matter you are SHOPIFY, BIG COMMERCE, AMAZON shopkeepers, branded companies, or hipsters and celebrities, we could all help to make from concept to design , then to final finished products and deliver to your terminal customers.

We make manufacturing accessible to anyone. From the first sketch, then to standard color drawing, or from the first developing sample, then to final production and selling, we shared all the details with customers so they could know all aspects for customization.

Our Company

We are an united and diversified team beyond platform and manufacturing enterprise. We make customized products and helped customer implement their brand value, and at the same time we keep improving and constantly integrate the industrial resources to satisfy customers’ various demands for brand promotion.


Our Story

With more then ten years experience in this industry, we never stop pursuing of excellence!

Advanced laser cutting machines has been introduced to avoid manual inaccuracies
Exquisite technique makes excellent logo details
Over 10 embroidery machines with all kinds of needles show incomparable qualities

We will not easily say “can’t do” to our customers. The limitations of the process, sometimes are mainly because of the equipment and manual accuracy control. On the woven and printed lapels we could achieve with 0.38 MM only for margin error by the introduction of advance Germany machines which basically solve the edge issues. For metal accessories we are also ahead of the industry by filling colors with a minimum size for 1.5MM only, which is much better than industry standard average size 3~4MM. Due to this more details could be presented and final effect would look much greater!

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