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Patches have been taken for practical uses like covering up holes in threadbare clothing and labeling people in uniform long time ago, but now patches come to symbolize many different things to many different people which have been taken as street fashion already. People could not only put patches on clothes, but also on bags or others. Patches continue to be a pulse not only on social and political climates, but personal fashion and identity.

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This patch style is also known as a crest. The stitching effect feels like real metal line, which is quite bright and shiny. Normally it is matched with ordinary embroidery to get a complete effect.  

As low as $4.35 each for 500  

PVC patches are as a modern alternative to embroidered patches. They are made from a soft and flexible rubber that can be molded to virtually any shape and color, with detail separated by thin, recessed lines.

As low as $2.13 each for 300  

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