Straw hats are a staple of summer. Great because they are so lightweight, provide shade and often allow in cool breezes. Women’s straw hats are extremely elegant, versatile, durable and can work year around. Men’s hats are also popular with people to keep cool which have been considered as a smart choice to protect the head when the sun is at its hottest. They transcend the realm of style—at times, feeling more emotional than anything else. The straw hat has always been a fashionable way to show off your personality.

With more than 10 years’ experience, our straw hats are with high quality, which could be worn to almost everywhere including weddings, churches, picnics, Gatsby events, costume parties, or walks around the city. If you want to customize your own straw hats, then TOPONE would be your choice!

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TOP1 Straw Hats Customization

Customization will be started from below 5 aspects.

  • Style: We could do almost all the styles in the market. It would be much better if a photo or reference sample could be offered before customizing so we could get an ideal for details which includes the brim, lining, badge, string and others.
  • Material: Customer could choose different materials for the hats no matter they are made with straw, raffia or others. We could all customize accordingly.
  • Size: We have molds available for commonly used sizes. If customer need special size, that would also be workable and just need customer help offer accurate information and we will follow.
  • Color: There is no limitation for color. Customer could choose any color he/she wants or even just offer a reference sample to follow.
  • Packing: There are too many options for packing. Customer could do with different labels or different hangtags, and no matter it is individual packing or loose packing, all could be customized.

No Risk

On time delivery with no minimum quantity can help customers minimize the inventory, fasten the order cycle, improve the performance, and reduce risk at maximum. 

Vendor Consolidation

We consolidate all the suppliers together and set up a long-term and steady strategic cooperative partnership, which optimize our supply chain to get more efficiency.

Fast Turnarounds

Time is money. A fast turnaround would help customers represent their products in time. We will not easily delay any order. Shipping earlier is always our pursuit.

Verified Partners

Thinking from customer’s position, and strictly controlling the qualification of partners, we followed our own system of risk control to make sure all the suppliers apply to our compliance.

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