How to Take the Initiative in Hat’s Customization?

Custom Headwear Manufactory located in China worked for Topone Accessories

In the process of creating a hat brand and customizing a branded hat,you will meet different unexpected situations. While if you could grasp more initiative in this process, then unnecessary problems could be effectively avoided.

If you have high-quality supplier resources, you can cooperate all the time and have fewer problems. But if you did not have, then you could just get information of suppliers on the Internet, or through the introduction like promotion emails. It’s hard to judge whether they can be your partners because you did not have any communication before.Then the initiative would not be on your hand, but supplies. If their products did not meet your requirements, you may need to start all again. And if the quoted prices are much higher then your target, you may need to pay more.

In our opinion, to make it relatively smooth in the communication process,you need to grasp below two points which would make customization simple and easy.

Designer Mockup

We have launched a blog “13 Elements for Cap Artwork” already explaining how important the designer mockup is.

If you and your company have the ability to design the mockup, then you could design by yourself to make the designer mockup include the 13 elements mentioned.

If you could not offer, then you could ask professional mockup company to help make and it would be charged.

You could find a supplier like our TOPONE which could not only design but also produce, then you could save the cost and boost efficiency. As normally designer mockup cost would be waived if you design and produce the hat in the same factory.

If you have a professional designer mockup, your following work could be simplified a lot. First of all, the designer mockup has been approved by your side already, which means that if they are made accordingly to your designer mockup, then you should get your expected hats. Designer mockup is universal, so  you could use it as reference on different factories which makes things easy and clear.

So you must have a professional designer mockup in hand.

Whether it is a hat or an article of clothing, embroidery is quite special and it has played an very important role. This decoration is the most commonly used one.

A hat with no embroidery is seldom used on hat’s customization. As embroidery is quite vivid and customers like to use.

Whether it is flat embroidery, three-dimensional embroidery, or special embroidery, as long as it need to be made by computer, then you need to get an embroidery disk.

Once there is an embroidery disk, the embroidery machine could recognize the pattern and weave it on the fabric according to the details. Computerized embroidery accelerates the development of patterns and makes hat customization much more convenient.

If you could make the digitizing by yourself then it will be good. While if you could not, then the best way is to ask professional digitizer to make one for you. With this digitizing you could reuse it on different orders and in different factories.

Just like the products of acrobat company, the embroidery disk is also universal in the world. The embroidery disk made from wilcome or pulse can be used in any corner of the world. The format may be different for different machines, but as long as it is a universal, it could be used.

So you must get the embroidery disk for all your logos during the customization.

When the company was founded, we have set up a team to provide the professional  service for designer mockup and embroidery disk.It is not only for our own customers, but also for all the others who need the service. We want to provide our great convenience so that customers can customize the hat without any stumbling block.

The said two services did not make any profits actually, while customers could have one more choice. Even if they did not cooperate with us  in the future, they can take the designer mockup or embroidery disk to cooperate with the other factories with no barriers.

With more than ten years’ experience and profound understanding, we have shown our good quality and ensured our professionalism in the hat industry. If you need to cooperate, just call or email us and you will get a prompt reply.

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