A tie clip or tie bar is a small piece of metal designed for use with a tie. Its purpose is to keep your tie in place by securing it to your shirt placket.

Today, however, tie clips are also used for aesthetic reasons, such as adding a fashionable accent to an outfit. Young people like to get fun by wearing tie bar in a more casual look such as jeans with shirts.

As such, there are many different options and designs available. And in TOPONE, you could customize any design as you like!

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Top1 Tie Bars Customization

Customization will be started from below 5 aspects.

  • Size: Tie bars or clips have standard sizes. While for the metal part customers could customize any size or shape.
  • Material: Only best quality material in the price range would be used. Zn Alloy is the commonly used one, but if customers need to do with others like brass or silver, that would also be fine.
  • Technique: We could do all kinds, and commonly used are with hard enamel, soft enamel, die struck, and printing.
  • Color & Finish: Any color or finish as customer’s request could all be customized.
  • Packing: Different packing could be used on ball markers. No matter it is OPP bag, acrylic box, wooden box, velvet box or any others, all could be done in TOPONE.

No Risk

On time delivery and no minimum quantity, that would help customers minimize the inventory, fasten the order cycle, improve the performance, and reduce risk at maximum.

Vendor Consolidation

We consolidate all the suppliers together and set up a long-term and steady strategic cooperative partnership, which optimize our supply chain to get more efficiency.

Fast Turnarounds

Time is money. A fast turnaround would help customers represent their products in time. In TOPONE we will not easily delay any order. Shipping earlier is always our pursuit.    

Verified Partners

Thinking from customer’s position, and strictly controlling the qualification of partners, we followed our own system of risk control to make sure all the suppliers apply to our compliance.
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