Trucker Hats

If we say basket caps are the top one in hats kingdom, then trucker hats are definitely to be the second. Our trucker hats originally are sold to companies such as Mountain Dew, Dekalb, Budweiser, Shell oil and John Deer, which have been provided to truck stops as gifts for advertisement. But now they are quite popular due to its comfort and air permeability. RICHARDSON #112 (which corresponds to our hat model TTC#112) is one of the most popular hat models.

How to customize?

Actually trucker hats belong to baseball caps, thus all the customization way is almost the same. But we need to pay attention that the back four parts of trucker hats are fixed by mesh fabric, and in additional, there are not too many styles for closure. Normally used are for velcro closure, seven holes single row plastic buckle or fourteen holes double rows plastic buckle.

1).Main Fabrics

Same main fabrics as baseball caps could be used. For any need, you could check details directly in BASEBALL CAPS.  

2).Mesh Fabrics for Back Four Parts

There are also many kinds of mesh fabrics and commonly used are as below.

3). Colors

No matter it is for main fabrics or mess fabrics, there are many colors for choosing. We could match the closest color as per customers’ requirement from Pantone color chart by using stock colors, getting from different factories, or even dying special colors.

4). Closures

Below are the five commonly used closures.

5). Backings

Below are the six commonly used backings.


Add a custom sticker or hangtag and create a unique presentation ready to sell.

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