What to Look for In a Custom Hat Manufacturer
Hats have their unique place in fashion, and you could always find one in your closet. With the popularity of street wear and casual sports, consumers are eager to customize their own fashionable hats to match the clothes or to promote their own brands. Thank for the advanced technology, customization has become commonplace and everyone could have a try.

A nice customization should start from a good supplier, and TOPONE should be a right one. With more than 20 years’ experience, we have the strength. Not only a manufacturer, but we are also an exporting company. Here we want to share our advantages so you could know more about us.

Completely Customized

Many factories said they are completely customized, but in fact they are not. Sometimes they just add an embroidery or a printed logo on the same blank hats which could not be considered to be a complete customization.

In TOPONE, you could customize from all the aspects. For example, for panel you could do with five panels, six panels, seven panels or more; for fabric you could choose any suitable one from our various source ; for size you could do with adult size or children size; and for logo application, no matter it is embroidery, printing, embossing, woven label, fancy stones, or whatever others we could always match . We know that we may not offer the cheapest price or fastest delivery, but our company orientation is not only a production company but also a service company. We want to provide a best quality service during your customization.

Deep-going Service

If you have ever customized a hat, you would find that it would be really troublesome if company could just do either design or production. But our TOPONE is one of the few companies that could offer one-stop service from design to shipment. Our talented designer team is the icing on the cake, who helps our customers get exactly they want.

Matching Abilities

Besides the ability to produce the hats, the other matching abilities to get accessories such as high-quality hangtag, woven label, washing label are also very important to control the quality and fasten the delivery. Located in China and only here, we are able to provide a professional and efficient supply chain service to create an unforgettable order experience for you, which could increase your visibility and brand awareness.

Minimum Order Quantity

Sometimes you may need a lower quantity to test the market when you are developing a new brand, or just launching a new line. TOPONE could offer a competitive low quantity from 100~500 pcs depending on your product so that you could save the cost and no need to worry for backlogs.

Convenient and Fast Communication

Our communication mainly reflects in 3 aspects. First is designer mockup service. You could start your project by just offering an idea or a rough manuscript. Second is that you could contact us at any time. No matter it is working days or weekends, you will always be replied in time. Third is that we offered a totally clear production status so you could track your order easily. 

Cooperate with TOPONE

It would save you cost and time if cooperating with TOPONE. And you may get a super quality product with unforgettable experience. No need to wait and now let’s start!

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