Where to Customize Your Products?

Only China!

The world-acclaimed rapid development of China in recent years has taken great opportunities for cooperation all over the world. A lot of people benefit from this and today we want to share a story for David Brady.

David Brady, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Duke University, has ever invented a camera name Mantis. There are 19 lenses with 1 billion pixels for this camera, which could recognize the faces clearly even with a football field away. 

With such a wonderful invention, David Brady spent a long hard time to find someone to make this camera. In United States, private manufacturers did not have such production line, and in Germany or Japan, though they have advanced technology, they just accept bulk order with certain quantity. As a new invention, it would not have quite big quantity, and also design may need to be adjusted or improved at any time till it is ready for the market. After searching for a long time, he found China finally. With super supply chain, China manufacturers could do with smaller quantity to open a production line, moreover, customers could adjust the design all the time. Without any hesitation, David Brady came to China along with his invention and opened a company in Shanghai. Looking over the world, only China could make him successful.

China has its powerful strength in manufacturing, which is scale and speed. Hat’s leading enterprise, Mainland Headwear Manufacturer, has ever tried with overseas markets like Vietnam, India, Bangladesh to save the costs but all failed, so did we. Those countries did not have a complete supply chain system. Take hats as an example, besides the hats themselves, matching accessories such as fabric, printing, cartons, sticker, hangtag, button, embroidery, patch and many others are all needed different factories to cooperate. However, there are not enough supporting facilities in these places. If we did not bring those from China, we could not make perfect finished products. Also Lack of experience and poor management in those places lead to the poor quality and delay of delivery, and the only solving way is just going back to China.

Where to Find a Suitable Factory in China?

Guangdong, China!

As the largest economic province in China, Guangdong has placed a very important role in China’s development. If you look for electronic products, then Shenzhen would be the right place. It is near HongKong, Guangzhou, and less than an hour’s driving distance from Dongguan which is an international manufacturing city in China. You could easily find a factory to create your own brand and produce your products. In glasses industry, Shenzhen Henggang glasses markets shared of global glasses sales to 60%, all of which are benefiting from the manufacturing capacity of Dongguan City and the transportation capacity of Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hongkong. International brands like HUAWEI, Tencent are all been created here.  

Then where to make for textile products? Surely it is also Guangdong! Shipai town in Dongguan City is the cradle of the hats. Companies like New Era, 47 Brand, Richardson Cap, Otto Cap have all been cooperated with manufacturers here. Dongguan is quite closer to the largest fabric market and also humen fabric market. The supporting facilities here are quite complete and orders could be finished in short time with quality guaranteed. Our factory has just been located here. With those advantages, we could easily meet customers’ request for quantity, quality and delivery to make sure you could get your satisfied products. The other areas like Suzhou, Qingdao in northeast China also have some great factories for hats, such as Asia sourcing, Otto Caps. But all are not so convenient than Dongguan.

Besides the facilities, people are also an advantage in Guangdong. With an early open to outside, you don’t need to worry for language or culture difference, and people here have quite good understandings for overseas business. If you want to customize a product, sometimes you just need to offer an idea or a rough manuscript, then people here could understand well and turn it into a nice product. No need a translator and you could save your time and cost. One of our customers has ever placed an order in a factory in Zhejiang province, which is a canvas bag with a simple logo. Even customer offered the detailed designer mockup, factory still could not get and make products with wrong logo and color, and finally he could just come back to us. Price should not be the only consideration in business, and service is also quite important. 

We have ever been doubted by our customers, why they could buy a hat with only 3~5 dollars in local US companies but need to pay more for our customized ones? We have ever had such experience to buy hats from US companies during our Spring festival, the period that China factories have all been closed but we have to make sure our customer’s on time delivery. We bought blank hats first and sent to other companies to do the embroidery or Screen Printing, and then ship to our customers. The final costs are much more expensive than the ones made in China. US hat companies would always have their own designs base on quite big quantity, so that should be the reason why the price is cheaper. But for our customized products, you could order less and customize your own designs, and that is our advantage!

If you want to customize, then come to China and come to Guangdong! We sincerely welcome customers come here and hope we could have a chance to cooperate further!

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